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Crimestoppers of Morgan, Scott & Cass Counties

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CRIMESTOPPERS is a citizen, media and police cooperative program designed to involve the public in the fight against crime.  CRIMESTOPPERS provides citizens with a vehicle to anonymously supply police with information about a crime or potential crime of which they have knowledge.  Cash rewards are offered to people who contact the program if their information leads to an arrest or recovery of property or drug seizure. 

How do I contact CRIMESTOPPERS?

Members of the public may now contact CRIMESTOPPERS by telephone, over the internet, or by text message.  Those wishing to submit tips by telephone may do so by calling CRIMESTOPPERS at (217)243-7300.  Those wishing to submit tips via the internet can log on to  This site will take you to a form that you can fill out and submit a tip directly to CRIMESTOPPERs of Morgan and Scott Counties.  Once your tip is submitted, you will be given instructions on how to check back on the status of your tip, and how to communicate with CRIMESTOPPERS to add additional information, and to collect any rewards that are payable.  Anyone wishing to submit tips via text message may do so by texting to "CRIMES" (274637).  THE FIRST WORD OF THE TEXT OF YOUR TIP MUST BE "PAYOUT".  After typing "payout", text your tip as you  normally would.  After you submit your initial tip, the software used will recognize your phone number and automatically route your text via a secure, encrypted router, to the Morgan/Scott CRIMESTOPPERS program.  When you are done with the tip, or no longer wish to communicate with CRIMESTOPPERS, text "stop" to "CRIMES" (274637) and your number will be cleared from the system.  Whether you submit your tip via telephone, internet, or text message, your identity will be kept confidential.  CRIMESTOPPERS does not use caller ID or any type of  program to determine the identity of callers.  Also, the software CRIMESTOPPERS uses for internet and text tips is designed using secure routers and encryption to insure that tipsters identifications remain unknown.  You will only be known to CRIMESTOPPERS by a code! 

Now there are three ways to contact CRIMESTOPPERS

-Click here to submit your tip to CRIMESTOPPERS!

-Click here to see an instructional video on how to submit a tip via text message!  (Note: the Agency ID for Crimestoppers of Morgan and Scott Counties is "payout").

-Call CRIMESTOPPERS at (217) 243-7300

Who administers the CRIMESTOPPERS program?

A volunteer board of directors actively administers and is responsible for the program.  CRIMESTOPPERS is a nonprofit organization and is responsible for raising funds and the disbursement of rewards.  The board of directors works in close cooperation with police agencies in the two county areas. 

How is the CRIMESTOPPERS program funded?

CRIMESTOPPERS is a project supported by fundraisers and donated contributions from individuals, private sources, corporations and clubs as well as grants are accepted.  Fundraisers are held from time to time to raise money.  We receive no tax monies.


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